What you want and what you need

We’re having the holiday we needed right now. Hubby likes to be super busy all the time but sometimes what you need is to lie on a flattish surface with a good book in the vacinity of a swimming pool and or a cold drink. And if you don’t do this – lie flat and chill out- well sometimes life smacks you with a 2×4 and you don’t get the cold drink.

We’ve all heard the stories about the guy that finally retired and is dead 6 months later, buried 6 feet under a flat surface.

Hubby has discovered the delights of reading fiction!

What’s it all about anyway?

I’m always on about meaning and life and the meaning of life and how it sometimes feels like it all has no meaning. Some people say meaning lies in where we head after this life but that seems weird.

That’s like saying the only point of eating is elimination.

Maybe we need to eat to stay alive and all that entails concerning our entrails, but that’s not the whole point of sitting down with friends to a great meal. I think the meaning of eating lies in how and what we eat, and with whom, and meaning in life lies in how we live, what we create and the people we surround ourselves with.

The Buddha said what matters in the end is how fully did you live, how much did you love and well did you learn to let go of what wasn’t meant for you.

Letting go of what wasn’t meant for you… What you want and what you need can be two very different things and being happy with what you get is easier if you get what you want. Until later when you see that you were wrong to want it. Being human is so confusing.