Visibility Cloak

Harry Potter loved his invisibility cloak but I could do with a magic piece of fabric which made me perfectly presentable to the outside world. Like most creative types I suffer from that double edged sword – the fear of the public’s gaze while also dreading their indifference.

I post these little missives all over the place, hoping someone will read, perhaps get something positive from it, maybe send me a little hello. But I’m also wary of the nasty underbelly of the web so even the vaguest whiff of snark in a comment and it goes in the old trash can. I just can’t be bothered.

I binned one the other day. It was by an Anonymous poster on one of my most read entries. It said something like “what is this article even about? What is it trying to say?” I read it back. It’s quite self-explanatory. Most people on WordPress get weird messages like this. It’s some kind of bot or scammer or Russian troll farm inmate 😝

Over the next couple of years I’ll be releasing a few books so I’d either better get used to being seen and being trolled or I’d better come up with a good pen-name.

Here’s me with hubby on the beach in Bali. I hate having my picture taken.