joining and leaving

I’m not sure if I’m an introvert or an extrovert, but one thing I know for sure is that like most people I am energised by great company. I love my writer peeps; the directive to #findtheothers becomes crucial as we age and want to spend our time in positive and uplifting way. I’ve joined a few things in my time and have left them too. Clubs and groups can be so great when they are good and so, so bad when the rot has set in.

Years ago I joined the local chapter of an arts society. I had a lot to offer. I worked for a company that had a gallery and a picture framing arm and could offer group discounts, and the potential to sponsor a show perhaps. I sold the works of other members on my rostered day at the group’s gallery and was an active member in every way. However, it was run by two elderly women both incongrously named Mignon, and they ruled that place like it was their own fifedom. The message was received loud and clear; I and others like me (young and outgoing) were not welcome.

So I left.

Years later the Mignon’s have both passed from this mortal coil and the society is no doubt doing whatever its latest Tsarina’s are dictating because that’s what societies, associations, clubs and such, do. Regardless of what the club tells you they do on their website or in their flyer, they are mostly run to benefit those in the driver’s seat. OMG I am so bitter… The president of the footy club whose kid plays every game while others sit on the bench regardless of skills, the chairperson of the committee whose child will play first chair if it kills her, the captain-coach who is adamant the team needs the new clubhouse his building company can build at a “good” price, the mixed touch-footy team that split up and reformed (booting me and two others from the team) because two players from opposing teams were having an affair…

…and yes all of these instances are based on real-life experiences because I am I serial joiner. I long to belong. I live to be of use.

The point of this mini-rant? I’m leaving the latest thing. Part of getting older (and being in a 9 year) is learning to let go of that which no longer serves and I am letting go of feeling like I don’t fit every time I go to the thing. It was ticking none of my boxes and now I will prefer spending my limited spare time writing. Oh god…it feels amazing knowing I don’t have to sit through one more boring presentation…

Maybe I’ll start my own thing. My agenda? What cultural barrow shall I push like a dictator? Like-minded people who get together for a wine/coffee, to chat about writing, maybe to do a bit of writing. Simple. It will be a WRITE CLUB and the first rule of write club is nobody wants to buy your damn book. Get yourself a beverage, grab a chair and pull out your notebook…

Feature Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash


  1. Kellie Cox

    WRITE CLUB…where do I sign up? Love it, and I am inspired by your courage to live true to who you are. I’m in!

  2. Kellie Cox

    WRITE CLUB…where do I sign up? Love it, and I am inspired by your courage to live true to who you are. I’m in!

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