Lemn Sissay

Poetry is a fairly new obsession for me but I still can’t believe that I have only just TODAY learned of the existence of Lemn Sissay. How is that possible? I also discovered the incredible Elizabeth Day. Her brilliant podcast, How to Fail, is insightful and unique. There are just so many amazing, intelligent, fascinating people out there!

Lemn’s origin story brought me to tears. I just wanted to reach into the phone and hug him (no physics isn’t my strong suit…). Look him up, read his stuff. Amazing man.

I am not defined by my scars, but by the incredible ability to heal

Lemn Sissay

As we’re still in the beginning of a new year, I’m seeing a lot of posts on goals and resolutions so I’m journaling on my own goals. I’m 8 days into a 10-day mini-goal of daily meditation which I will be continuing. I’m doing 15-20 mins morning and night of seated meditation. I’m also 2 days into a 21 (plus) day shoulders and hips opening routine for yoga.

I had friends down on the weekend and they couldn’t believe I was up at 6 on Sunday doing my morning routine. “It’s not optional,’ I said. ‘It’s what keeps me sane.’

Prompts I am using at the moment…

What holds you back?

How can you reframe your constraints as opportunities?

How can you reframe your perceived weaknesses as strengths?

What made you strange as a child? (fun fact; this is your super power!) I’ll tell you what made me strange as a child. I bloody knew everything. I am the proud owner of what they used to call a photographic memory and I never forgot a damn thing. Even now, with a head full to bursting with stories and life crap, my memory, serves me far to well… to quote George Michael.

Feature Photo by Hannah Tasker on Unsplash