testing your resolve in 2020

My Facebook and Instagram feeds have been dotted with posts about New Years resolutions or rather the lack thereof. In the past I’ve seen all the New Year New Me posts but this year my friends are putting it out there that in 2020 they’re hoping for good health and happiness. Sounds good to me.

a bit of tough love here from Tony Robbins

I am a lover (and keeper) of resolutions from way back. I didn’t smash all of mine last year. I haven’t bought a house (and perhaps I won’t this year…) and still can’t hold a forearm balance… but I had a great 2019.

This is not me…but it’s still on the list!
Photo by Form on Unsplash

I know a lot of people had a rough one. Many had to deal with the loss of a parent, a child, or a beloved fur baby. There were job struggles, health woes, marriages falling apart, and many had to face the loss of everything in the catastrophic fires here in Australia and around the world. Then there’s the general state of day to day life.

How the hell can we achieve the aim of health and happiness when we never know what’s around the corner?

Life happens but it’s up to us how we respond to its peaks and troughs. Like everyone, I have experienced some very dark days but through my yoga practice, meditation, journaling and other methods, I’ve learned to deal with whatever life throws my way.

I don’t want to just survive. I think anyone who has had a major health scare feels this way. Losing my first love so young made me want to live enough life for both of us! I want to set goals in motion. At nearly 50, I still have some big dreams that I really want to see come to fruition.

A few years ago a work colleague asked me why I was always going to classes and workshops. I said ‘because I never feel good enough’ and I was only half joking. I’m a big believer in self development and ‘living our best life’ as cliché as that sounds, so I’m exercising, writing, meditating and journaling like a mad woman.

This has been my affirmation for the past 2 years.

And I love this golden oldie…

Everyday In Every Way I’m Getting Better And Better.

Emile Coue

What can you resolve to do today, and every day of 2020, to be happy? What can you do to be healthier? That’s what a resolution is; a plan, a determination to change something for the better. Change happens anyway, you can’t stop it, so you might as well see if you can make it work in your favour!

Feature Photo by Armand Khoury on Unsplash