new moon – new you

We have a dark moon today, a new moon full of promise and action. The new moon is a Yang time, perfect for making plans and getting work done so don’t let anyone tell you that a new moon has low-energy! It’s a time of great healing, of joy and of fun! It’s a great time start a new project or to really get some serious traction on a work in progress, but as the moon is rising and setting with the sun right now, do the work in the day light hours and use the night time for resting, socialising or looking at the stars.

You can set intentions today for the coming weeks or the coming year. Don’t wait until the January 1st.

My intention for the next couple of days is to exercise a bit more to make up for the desserts I had yesterday, to read the great books my son gave me for Christmas, and clean my feral house. I am going to Kondo the place after the success I had with the wardrobe.

I am also still working on the story I am writing, Thalia Henry and the Ghost Writer and hope that the waxing moon (getting bigger) will give me the push I need to get the first draft finished. I seriously don’t know how people write whole manuscripts in a few days. I read somewhere “If the writing is easy, you’re doing it wrong” and I laughed but I felt a little validated even if I don’t agree that we have to “sit at the typewriter and open a vein” as Hemingway often said. There is a middle ground to the creative process as there is in everything in life.

Each December we hear people lamenting the terrible year they have just endured and hoping the coming one will be better. I had a year like that in 1993 but since then every year has been better than the last. Bad stuff still happened, as it does, but we can’t afford to focus on it nor wish it away. For whatever reason, the bumps in the road, the challenges, are here to teach us. Each day, each minute, is an opportunity to re-focus and commit to personal growth, even in the throes of the worst possible experiences. For whatever reason, we humans seem to need adversity to grow. We seem to need something bad to give us a reason to get better. We have all these great metaphors about butterflies and coccoons…

My hope for my friends, my family, for the world, is that we will all learn from our challenges for sure, but that we begin to level-up our consciousness to a point that we are learning and growing from joy rather than suffering.

Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary. I’d marry him again. <3