The horrible hidden truth about self-publishing that no one wants you to know!

Breaking News: I am a great-aunty again! I have seriously lost count of the babies in my family…Okay I just stopped and did the maths – I have 14 great nieces and nephews and another on the way!!! We will probably never be grand-parents so we’ll have pretend with this precious babe.

Right….back to the originally scheduled programming.

…Hey writer peeps. This is a must read by Derek Murphy of Creativindie. Just click that previous link or the one on the video below.

It’s a medium sized read with videos but a definite MUST READ for anyone new to the publishing or writing world. Read the comments too and watch the videos. If I could wind back the clock to 2 years ago I would have done a lot of things differently with publishing my first novel, but I am happy that I didn’t fall into the trap of paying thousands of dollars for empty promises. I fear that many of these predatory “assisted publishing companies” are very good at manipulation and gaslight the authors into slinking away silently with their tails between their legs when their books don’t sell 100 copies let alone the thousands often promised so don’t let the positive reviews fool you! Buyer beware!

I promised myself I would write nearly 2000 words a day in December. This has not happened. There have been days when I haven’t written 200 words!


On Saturday we had our Gold Coast Writers’ Association Christmas meeting. It was nice but unfortunately quiet. Next year we might need to rethink having a meeting so close to Christmas as we were very light on, but then last year by comparison, I think the crowd was stacked with non-members who just wanted to plug their books.

We did have a wonderful Christmas Tree made by yours truly, from donated books, some brilliant readings from our clever authors and yummy afternoon tea followed up by a wine at the very festive bowls club!

Don’t you just love Christmas in Australia?

And we all got to take home a book afterwards.

Feature Photo by César Viteri on Unsplash


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