follow loops and other crazy nonsense

Let me start by saying that I love the #writingcommunity on social media. It’s actually one of the good things about Twitter! People talk about how awful Twitter is but I just don’t see the slimy underbelly of the platform because the writers with whom I engage are all there to have fun and network.

Ditto for Instagram. While I’ve never participated in a #writerslift on Twitter, I joined a follow loop on Insta last week and have added about 125 people to my network. I’ve done one before and met some great people and only had to unfollow one person who constantly uploaded angst-laden posts imploring her ‘loyal fans’ to ‘stick by her even though she wasn’t getting content to them quickly enough.’ She had about 400 followers so it wasn’t as though she was Diana Gabaldon feilding questions on why Book 9 in the Outlander series was taking so damn long…

I’m not a fan of marketing my work to other writers but it’s so great to have a community of peeps around who know what it’s like to sit at a computer/page for hours, to click publish to the sound of crickets, to get a review…other writers know.

Still trying to work out how to use Scrivener. Still trying to finish my first draft of Thalia Henry and the Ghost writer. Still trying to learn how to format for an ebook properly. sigh…

Went shopping yesterday, ostensibly for party clothes for next Saturday night, but ended up buying work stuff, as usual. Didn’t get much writing time then had a Christmas dinner last night. You gotta do what you gotta do. Is it wrong that I really only want to write and not do much else?

Just got a phone call from the office. Another staff member has let us down today. Seriously!? I know working in a commercial laundry isn’t glamourous but surely it’s better than nothing. Stephen King worked in a laundry. Come to think of it, that’s probably why he ended up writing horror.

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  1. Rusty Flueckiger

    Stephen King hasnt done a murder by a laundry press yet – ooh think of the horrors one could encounter with all that machinery 😲

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