and now for the bonus round

I just found this great Amber Rae graphic and had to share.

Perfect for Monday-itis and Monday-philes alike.

My #1 priority this week is to get my first draft finished. Perhaps it should be to get ready for Christmas but Christmas will happen whether I am ready or not!

I want to do less…housework. Nothing new here. Moving right along… I have th choice of ignoring the mess and doing what I can, getting the boys to do more, or putting my big-girl pants on and getting it done. I’m guessing a combo of all three is going to get me over the line this week.

I want to do more…writing. But also exercise. And seeing friends…yikes…

This week I want to feel…energised!

To feel this way I will…exercise and write. And go to bed before 9:30pm so I can get up early.

If I get stuck I’ll remember…to breathe! and I’ll remember why I am writing. Not to aggravate myself, not to try to make an income from it, but for the sheer joy of creating.

Do the process for yourself. It feels great.


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