Game on!

A reminder – My novel Hotel Déjà Vu will be available free in eBook on Amazon all day October 1 (PDT – convert to your time) Get them while they’re hot!

It’s ‘Game on, Moles’ (and, yes I researched who uttered this on reality TV first. Of course, it was a contestant on Big Brother.)

But we can all win because this is no competition!

This is #Last90Days, peeps! Not only is the period from October 1 – December 31 (all bets off on Christmas Day and NYE!) the last 90 days of 2019, this is the last 90 days of the Decade! Mind blowing.

Rachel Hollis (check out her great site) created the concept of #last90days and has heaps of resources and the support groups on Facebook are great, if completely US-centric. I approached her about creating a bona-fide Australian #last90days but unfortunately didn’t hear back. I am probably glad about that because I have a LOT OF SHIT TO GET DONE!

Are you with me?

So the first week is used to get used to the 5 to Thrive. I dropped coffee a month ago, so that along with my other dietary restrictions, is my food group. What else am I going to drop? I could try to be more plant-based… I should give up cheese. Yes, okay, I am going to give away cheese which is really just vegetarian bacon (as in, when you ask a vego why they can’t be vegan they say ‘but…cheese…’ the same way meat-eaters say ‘but…bacon…’)

Okay, you’ve talked me into it. Cheese it is.

I got up at 6.15 this morning and did my meditation. I am a little poorly, so I will gradually get up earlier with the sun. We are quite lucky Down Under that the last 90 days coincides with Spring and early Summer because I do not know how people in Canada get up at 5 am in winter! I can’t even do that here and we hardly have a winter.

I’ve been walking each morning for an hour and I’m finally starting to see some toning. It gets so much harder as you get older, but I’m going to change it up a little and walk for 30mins and do 30 sun-salutes each morning.

The water is easy, I drink about the right amount each day so I am going to stick with 2 litres. This is mostly because the maths is too confusing (half my body weight in ounces of water a day? what?)

Then there is the gratitude practice. Each night write down 10 things you’ve been grateful for over the course of the day. The power of this is not in the writing but you find after a couple of days that you are looking out for things to write about, looking out for things to be grateful for, because ten things is a lot of things! It also puts you in a positive frame of mind to go to bed!

Check out this article on being the best version of yourself. I threw up in my mouth a little the first time I used that phrase…but you know what, living your best life shouldn’t be something to cringe about! That’s been the best part about being something of an outlier the last couple of years; no one to upset when I start changing things up. I hear about all these people who lose friends and relatives when they try to improve their lives and I can’t even imagine it. My relationships have become so much better over the past 2 years because I am far more authentic and, let’s face it, much less of a dick. Well, most of the time.