Freebie time!

On Tuesday 1st October, for a full 24 hours, I am offering a free eBook copy of my novel Hotel Deja Vu, on Amazon. If you have read it before, firstly can I just say THANK YOU, but I’d really love you to read it again if you have the time, because it has changed a lot and I’d really like the feedback.

If you’re new to Hotel Deja Vu, this novel will appeal to you if you meet any or all of these criteria.

  • You like books/movies like Midnight in Paris, Eat Pray Love, About Time, Notting Hill, Under the Tuscan Sun
  • You dream of visiting Paris or have already, and enjoyed it. This book is a bit of a love letter to my favourite city.
  • You wonder what it would be like to go back and start again, KNOWING what you know now! Imagine!

Hotel Deja Vu is also available on Kindle Unlimited until December 10 and the Print book is available on Amazon, with other outlets coming soon. Have at it!

I have a dirty little habit that I have shared before – I like to read the 1-star reviews of famous, best-selling books. The practice reminds me that even the biggest selling books in the world have their haters. What I found really interesting is that many (I didn’t do the maths, sorry, you’ll have to be happy with ‘many’)…Many 1-star reviewers preface their review with “I was given a free copy” or “I won a copy in a Goodreads campaign”. Really? You got a free book and still felt compelled to give it one measly star?

I might be an absolute wuss but I don’t review a book unless I can give it at least 3 stars, and I reserve 3 star reviews for books that have copy-edit problems, typos, etc, not just books I ‘didn’t like’. I often think the mean reviews say more about the reviewer than they do about the reviewee, so to speak.


  1. melcat76

    I am so excited that I get to read the edited book again so soon, I thought I was going to have to wait for the Aussie Amazon paperback to be available! Also I couldn’t agree more about the one-star reviewers, not only 4 for books but for any creative products. I think people think knocking something in general makes them look discerning, when it actually reveals them as ill-informed, unreasonable and quite intolerant – hardly a good guide to the quality of anything!

    1. Christine Betts

      I agree. I feel like they want to come across as more intelligent than the people who actually liked the book. I know I always feel like a bit of a dummy when I enjoy a book that others have panned. Sigh.

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