Please, no headshots…

Last year, I joined a thing even though I haven’t had a great track record with associations…and now I’m a committee member. Not exactly sure what possessed me to put my hand up again, but que sera, sera. I’ve met a smashing group of people and while the association isn’t everything I wish it could be, if I don’t get involved, well I’ve only got myself to blame really!

They’ve asked for a head shot; a picture, not a bullet to the head, but it might as well be. God I hate having my photo taken. I’ve quit two jobs on the day they’ve asked for photos for the website. No, I’m not that petty, but it was the final straw…as in, do I really want to put my face out there associated with this thing?

I really wanted to be an actor, back in the day, but the sad truth is, I’m just not photogenic. I have a mate who is objectively not a good looking guy, but he looks like a rock star in photos. It’s weird. It’s the cheek bones. His are high and angular which in day-to-day life makes him look like something from Tolkien’s imagination while mine are buried somewhere under my freckled chipmunk cheeks.

In addition to the head shot, as part of being a new committee member, I will be giving a 5 minute talk about my writing journey. I think it will take the form of the following 6 bullet points. There might even be a PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Daily writing and journaling – Morning Pages and Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way
  • The importance of reading and ‘filling the basket’
  • Blogging – there’s more than one way to ‘publish’
  • Platform building – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Committed indie author with my own imprint
  • Nanowrimo

I’m not uncomfortable with public speaking, I just don’t like being photographed. Maybe I could do a Sia and wear a mop on my head?

Feature Photo by Ailbhe Flynn on Unsplash

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