Credit where credit’s due

It’s almost End-of-Month-time at work so I spent today entering credits to clients accounts for any linen they felt wasn’t usable. This might be sheets or towels that have a tear or a mark on them. Some clients think that 10 items is a huge number of rejects and others, who turn over far more, realise that it’s par for the course. I am pretty casual about credits. I worked in retail for years and never had a problem with giving refunds. I was always customer-focused to a fault, but as I continue on my publishing “journey” I won’t be checking the box allowing returns from retail outlets. Joanna Penn recommends not allowing returns so you can keep better track of your earnings.

Earnings. That’s such a promising term.

The business of being a writer is probably the toughest element in beginning but taking the right attitude to the money and marketing can obviously make it easier and more fun. Listening to Joanna Penn’s podcast reminds me that this business is supposed to be enjoyable! She laughs a lot and she’s always enthusiastic and positive.

Hell, if you’re not enjoying yourself in the early, lean days, why continue?

Plus, if all the Law of Attraction peeps are right, enjoying the ride will make it more rewarding. You know the old idea of fake it til you make it? It doesn’t mean go buy a car you can’t afford and swan about town pretending to be a famous writer/artist. It means showing up to the page/ computer/ easel whatever ready to work, doing the work, learning something new every day, failing and getting right back on the horse, ‘shipping work’, trying new things…but the sauce is in the mindset. Dr Joe Dispenza and many other highly experienced and qualified scientists will tell you that you can change your life by changing your mind. It takes time, but on top of all the physical work, a daily sesh of quality visualisation coupled with really feeling the heightened emotions of what it feels like to already be what you are seeking will lead to a change of state. If the daily work, the writing, the learning, the reading, the effort are the ingredients, then visualisation is the Serving Suggestion to the Universe. It’s the gorgeous image of the finished meal that looks so good our mouths are already watering. Yum.

I’m going to do #Last90Days again. It starts on the 1st October. Are you going to join me? I have approached the U.S. couple behind the concept about creating a #Last90DaysAustralia group on Facebook because I didn’t really find my peeps in the U.S. groups last year. Seriously, is it a year already? Last year I had a bit of a false start.

It was about the 3rd of September before I realised I’d started a month early. What a noob.

So this year I’m good to go in October. Thank goodness, I’m going to a wedding and having a week in Bali in September. I can detox when I get back!

but it’s like the GPS in the car. if getting up earlier is going to kill you, the way following the directions to TURN LEFT into a swiftly flowing river will kill you, ignore Point #1.