Sunday voices.

I am a pain in the butt at most times but particularly on a Sunday morning. Please, please, please use your inside voice until at least midday if you’re hanging out at mine on a Sunday.

I have an obsession with my Sunday morning sleep in/swim/breakfast/coffee and newspaper ritual that is so often interrupted by hubby wanting to vary it that it’s no longer a ritual. I don’t consider myself a control freak; I just want a little peace and quiet.

I have just one thing on my to-do list for this week and that is to finish my print version of Hotel Déjà vu and get it out there. However, along with having a house guest, end of month, Father’s Day and a messy house I feel like it’s already an uphill path. I’ve been listening to Tim Grahl’s Book Launch podcast and it seems I am doing his fourth type of launch i.e. the book is already out, I’ve sold a bunch of copies and now I’m ploughing on, working towards publishing “wide” and getting more sales. I don’t overly care about sales ranks (dollars in the bank are the indicator I’m looking at) but obviously sales ranks help attract more traffic. Fine line.

Happy Sunday. May the coming week bring you all kinds of success and joy. We keep going- setting goals and checking boxes.

Once more, unto the breach, dear friends.