Can I help you MAM?

“On ne peut pas avoir le beurre et l’argent du beurre.”

“You can’t have butter as well as the money from the butter.”

Well, that’s disappointing.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it” we say in English, but butter means everything to the French. If you have butter, you can bake any cake you want.

I want to binge watch amazing television, I want to go to the movies but I also want to write for hours every day. I want to build my dream house but I also want to go on vacation. I want to drink too much and eat anything I want, but I also want to feel good, be healthy into a ripe old age.

Why is life all about balance? How boring.

Yes, yes, yes, I watched another show about a Hot Mess and laughed my fool head off (My current crush Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Crashing). Why is it so damn attractive to me as I recline on my sofa, soft-bellied and middle-aged? Shouldn’t I be watching Midsomer Murders?

I have no need for what Candace Bushnell calls MAM, Middle Aged Madness. I want Middle Aged Calm, Middle Aged Joy.

My characters in Hotel Deja Vu have the option of going back to a time when they were happy. The tagline for the book is Would you do it all again? Argh…can you imagine doing it all again. And anyway, what would my life be like if I’d never drunk vodka from the bottle, or taken an ill-timed sabbatical in Europe, or any one of the truly stupid things I did that I may or may not want to do again?

Thought for the day – What is a good critic? Someone who supports and enhances, or somebody who prefers the boo instead of the yay? ~ David Lee Roth. I listened to a Debbie Millman interview with David Lee Roth today and it was a wild ride, as expected, but with so many unexpected gems.

David Lee Roth: ‘My advice for aspiring artists? Breathable fabrics’

Feature Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash