I’m a feminist, but…

I’m a feminist, but…I would get a boob job if it was 100% safe and guaranteed not to have complications later. But I also judge people for having boob jobs.

As a consequence of my crush on Phoebe Waller-Bridge, (i want to write with her, that’s all) I found her on a couple of podcasts and thusly, my new fave is The Guilty Feminist. My confession above is how they start each podcast, which are all filmed before a live audience. I walk along listening and laughing like a loon. It’s brilliant.

I’m a feminist, but…

I have a theory that Women have a better Idea of what’s funny than men. I haven’t done any research other than watching people watch comedy and the women seem to laugh more. Okay, I laugh more than my husband. It’s a sample of two. I often have to explain jokes to him. I rest my case, your honour.

Women will laugh at men and women whereas there’s a certain group of men who believe that women aren’t funny. It’s the old misogyny rearing its ugly head again.

Speaking of comic superstars, Mindy Kaling has a new movie out. Late Night, starring Kaling and Emma Thompson is out next week. I’ve seen the trailers and it looks great. Kaling apparently wrote the movie over three years while working in the writers room of the US version of The Office. She wrote it for Thompson. What a brilliant result.

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Men who?