Is it all just pointless?

“If you like life, why wouldn’t you want to do it again? If you found out that this is what you were going to do , forever and ever and ever. It was going to repeat itself over and over and over again, would you be like “No it’s pointless!” It’s pointless now, it’s finite. Is it different if it’s pointless and it’s infinite? Is it different? Don’t you just enjoy life? Is that the key? To just enjoy life?”

Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #1313 approx.2:12

I’ve forgotten a few times in the last few months, that the point of life is to feel, to enjoy, to experience. I’ve been getting caught up in the political bullshit and spending too much time looking at my past because I’m trying to understand myself. Argh. What a waste of time! I feel like Drew Barrymore’s character morphed with Adam Sandler’s character in 50 First Dates. I have the amnesia, I forget that the point of life is to experience through our senses, all of them, and to create our own meaning, just like Drew, then I have to remind myself, wake myself up, go all Adam Sandler on myself. It’s a bit bloody exhausting, tbh.

Do you believe in an afterlife that doesn’t involve a choice between red-hot pokers and pearly gates? I do. I think we come from somewhere and we go back to there even though I don’t really know what or where it is. The experiences I have had through meditation show me that we are not, at our essence, these flesh suits we’re wearing. We come from spirit to a human body to EXPERIENCE. I finally got this when deep in meditation I asked why I was experiencing pain. I’d been having some pain in my back and hip and it was reminding me that I was getting old! But I asked, “Why am I experiencing this pain” and the answer was…and we don’t always get the answer we want, do we?…The answer was “because you’re human.” It was at the end of yoga during shivasana and I almost sat up and said “well that’s not very bloody helpful is it?”

If we’re here to do anything, it’s to experience. Unfortunately a lot of people just want to explore the baser instincts, the lower chakra stuff exclusively. There’s nothing wrong with exploring the lower chakras, but yeah, it’s important to move on up when you can. Sex and survival and food and pleasure are the foundation of our species, but then we developed communication for a reason. By the way, I think it’s just as bad to become obsessed with connecting to the spirit realm, too. Leave it be, you can faff around in that stuff when you return to spirit. We need to get in and use our bodies, all our senses, create things and enjoy them. That’s the whole point. End of story.

There are no rewards. The cavalry is not coming.

I listen to far too much Joe Rogan for it to be healthy