Resisting the stats.

Shit went down this week. David Campbell announced that his son was Princess Di in a previous life. Lizzie revealed her Revenge Body. And Instagram got rid of the Likes. Big news week.

What do you think about that? The Likes thing, not the thing about little Billy saying he’s The People’s Princess. (Little Billy isn’t at fault here. Daddy should have done what I did when my own 3 year old told me he’d been a train driver in a previous life. I told my mates over a glass of wine and we all agreed it was quite cute and interesting.)

So? Does it make it better or is the whole thing a bit pointless now? The Likes thing, come on, focus.

It doesn’t really change anything for me but I have noticed my ‘follows’ dropping. The horror. I know they are probably bots and as I’m not really using hashtags I’m not attracting new ‘bot followers’. I can’t believe I wrote that last sentence. It’s all a little bit ridiculous.

We all need to get a grip.

I’ll confess that the stats I am a little addicted to are the ones here on WordPress. I am actively trying to avoid checking them more than once a week because I don’t want them to influence my posts or when I write. Is that stupid? Should I be posting at a certain time to maximise my readers? I don’t advertise here, I just really want to know that it’s worth spending the time here.

April, for example, was a good month here on the old blog-o-rama. I was posting daily in my group on Facebook sending the views right up. I was writing about Paris for Camp Nanowrimo and my I Love Paris followers loved it. It’s so addictive, seeing those page views tick over.

But Page views aren’t really why I am here. The benefit I derive from my blog comes from the act of writing. That others might get benefit from what I write is a wonderful added bonus. I know, I’m a saint.