Completely obsessed with: Fleabag

So when I should have been writing last night, I was mid-binge when hubby got home. Holy-frikken-balls I love this show. (Oh ps there are some spoilers in that article.) I am watching, as always, purely for research purposes only…of course!

The writing is brilliant. British humour has always been quirky and a bit dark and this show has both qualities in spades. It’s quirky alright and as dark as the inside of an elephant. Phoebe Waller-Bridge stars and writes and leaves me wondering where she has been all my life. I feel she is a millenial Miranda Hart. Anyone who has watched both Miranda and Fleabag with (hopefully) see the connection, especially the fourth-wall breaks in both. Both characters are unlucky in love, make questionable career choices and remain a mystery to their families, but Miranda was never dark or edgy. It was sweet and made me laugh like a loon. (It’s crazy now to see Tom Ellis as Lucifer!) I once bonded with a staff member over a mutual love of Miranda. She was useless at her job but she made the best spot-o-tea.

I love the silly and the quirky (Oh Miranda’s nickname in Season 2 was Quirky!) even if it’s not dark. Such Fun!

As much as I criticise how our governments have allowed Amazon to disrupt (destroy) the retail sector with impunity, Amazon Prime Video has some great content and it’s really cheap. Hubby refuses to watch most of what I want to watch now because my taste is so dark. He had nightmares after watching one episode of American Gods. c’est la vie!

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