Simple Truth

You weren’t born to pay bills and then die.

There’s nothing wrong with doing nothing. Most of our staff had the day off today and the couple who worked did a four hour shift. That, ladies and gentlemen is REAL progress! That is a goal fucking ticked! That right there is the first inkling that we are moving towards our goals for our business and our lives.

Having said that, we still managed to charge around and just bloody enjoy the shit out of our day. My husband really doesn’t know how to chill. I can’t remember the last time I just lay in the grass and watched the clouds. I do know that I craved doing nothing while I was on vacation but I couldn’t seem to find the time. He was so damned busy relaxing…

the last night of our hols – I finally got hubby to sit and watch the sunset!

We’ve been talking about our future retirement. Mine will come in a few years when I turn 50 and go pro (as in I am going to be a professional kept woman if this writing thing doesn’t take off by then…) I totally understand that hubby doesn’t intend kicking back on the beach permanently. He likes his work and he does know that he is simply not cut out for doing nothing.

He needs some hobbies. I’ve suggested learning how to cook…

The first step to doing nothing might be to do something. My advice for anyone who doesn’t know how to chill – Find a hobby. As much as you might enjoy or even love your work so many of us come home and pour a glass o’something and plonk in front of the telly. So much better to do something productive like painting, or knitting, or wood carving…(while you drink the wine…)

Is watching tv a hobby? I like reading and going to the movies too but tv is always cast as the evil stepsister. I learned everything I needed to know about relationships from telly when I was growing up (although I could never understand why the kids on Happy Days would go on a date that started at 8pm.) That was past my bedtime.

Granted, watching telly is a step down from doing nothing i.e. it’s not as good for you as doing nothing but I refuse to feel guilty about watching telly because it’s research for storycraft (and because guilt is a useless emotion if it doesn’t lead to change and I have no intention of changing it.)

I read somewhere (probably on Pinterest…) that you need two hobbies – One you do for money and other you do for pleasure. I’m not sure about the money one – I turned my hobby into a stream of income and that worked out for years but now I cringe when I think about painting! I am definitely on board for the pleasure one. Nothing better than doing something because it feels good! If you’re good at whatever it is, then that’s great for the soul (and balancing your hormones apparently – who knew!?) but if you’re new to it, the act of learning something new makes fresh pathways in the brain. It’s a win-win.

Going to do nothing now.

on the TBR list…