Just one little thing.

I meditate. I do yoga. Not just the asana classes but the other stuff too. And I’m pretty chill but holy shit, today just one little thing happened and it tested my peace, my loving awareness and my collection of swear words.

It’s all sorted now and it’s really not a big deal, and I’m annoyed at myself for reacting. Aarrghhhh. At what point do we stop reacting to the every day crap? The stupid thing is I don’t react to big stuff, I get in and sort it, but stupid little things make me nuts, especially other people’s mistakes that impact me.

Sigh. Still urgently seeking peace. The experts say the first step is awareness. I’m aware when I’m reacting, overthinking and being petty. ✅ the next step is overcoming it.

Marry me? The answer had better be yes someone went to a lot of effort here


  1. Janet Mary Cobb

    I totally understand the frustration of being aware when I am reacting in a way I prefer not to but have no control over it. This is somewhat new for me (last 10 years) – and it has gotten better within the last year or so. I’ve found sleep and exercise helps. I’m sorry you had the experience today — it can be so exhausting, especially when we fight so hard to stop it. Be at peace — we are only human.

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