Ready, set, Nano!

It’s Sunday so after a bike ride, swim, and a leisurely breakfast with friends, we found ourselves having a foot massage. Hashtag first world struggle. As Ida found that spot in my foot that always hurts, I suddenly remembered that Camp Nanowrimo starts tomorrow. Wish me luck. Eep. April is going to be full-on with Easter and three weeks of school holidays (super busy at work) but I’m committed to writing 1000 words a day.

I’m reading The Dry by Jane Harper. I’m not a thriller reader but I am hooked. Hooked! (Midnight in Paris reference there for those playing along at home).

I watched Fighting With My Family last night at the cinema. It was wonderful escapism and I had no idea until the end that it was based on the story of a real WWE star. Talk about Strong Female Lead!

This week A friend and I get together when we can and work on our goals. We’re catching up this week and I can’t wait. She is 100% supportive of my goals and committed to hers. It’s inspiring.

One more thing… a friend got some really bad news this week. It’s so easy to forget when life’s busy and life’s good that sometimes life isn’t good. It’s hard and painful. We must remember to be kind, supportive, loving to everyone around us. Sometimes life depends on it.