Ricky Gervais is my guru

well, not really, but I laugh myself stupid at the guy. I stayed up to watch his interview on Sixty Minutes last night. What a boring pile of fluff that was. {But then I watched a doco about two 12-year-old girls who tried to kill their friend because the Slender Man told them to…} The interviewer was more interested in what he had planned for the interview, he wasted time recalling an interview he’d done years ago that had nothing to do with Gervais except that he wanted to make him laugh – to say he’d made Ricky Gervais laugh.

I wanted to hear more about what Gervais is planning for the future, and I wanted them to get to the heart of the matter – that outrage-culture and how that is affecting comedy worldwide, indeed how it is changing the way we speak and write. I also wanted to hear about his tireless campaigning for animals, Veganism, and more about his family. Maybe I’ll go and interview him myself.

One thing he said that blew my mind was when he received his first BAFTA at 41 for The Office, the first bit of success he achieved, he said he turned to his partner Jane {who must be the most incredible person – I’m going to invite her to my ‘dinner party’ if every I am famous enough to be asked ‘who would you invite, dead or alive…’} He turned to Jane and said ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner?’ and she said ‘because you wouldn’t have been any good at it.’

Great words to remember to tell ourselves. Why didn’t I do…….sooner? Because now is the right time.