sciencey stuff

I’m fascinated by science but probably not smart or dedicated enough to pursue it as some kind of career or study choice. So I do the next best thing – write about it. I love that writing gives me the opportunity and cause to research the sciencey stuff that interests me. One of my characters is a chemist (Antoinette in Hotel Deja vu) and her father is a surgeon. Another is a computer scientist (Paul in The Paris Souvenir) and Mirra is a biologist investigating mass pigeon deaths in Paris. What looks like a bonus for Paris might not be so great after all. So yeah, I’m a little obsessed with sciencey stuff.

Besides, science is cool.

redefining cool. give me a rock star physicist any day.

Personally, my fave kind of science is mind science. I don’t know if that’s a real thing but it’s the name I give to stuff about our brains and their workings. I considered studying psychology for a while, (but realised what I really want to do is write, so why not?) and I know I am not alone in wishing I really knew what makes us tick!

Today I was doing some #writerresearch and stumbled across this interesting little bit of info that made me scrunch my eyebrows upwards. Check out the pics below…

introvert related hashtags on instagram
extrovert related hashtags on instagram

Now that is a huuuuge difference in the number of posts! Then I added an ‘s’ to the end…and same, same but different! Why are there soooo many more posts using the introvert tags?

Look how united those introverts are! This could mean that more introverts use Instagram, are more likely to use hashtags…or nothing at all. {I am extrovert af and I rarely use hashtags.} No scrap that, it definitely has to mean something. Look at that huge difference! I’m making assumptions left and right. I’m thinking up hypotheses and postulations and even some theories (yes, I looked up synonyms for hypothesis). A social scientist somewhere needs to investigate this! Just did a quick google search – I think they are already on it…

aaron t. caycedo-kimura cartoon