So many characters

One of the bonuses of travel is meeting people and for writers that means a new harvest of characters for our works in progress or the spark of new story ideas.

Do I write about the gorgeous young Balinese dance teacher who met the stunning but shy young Russian businesswoman and literally swept her off her feet?

What about the beautiful Balinese lady who capitalised on a scholarship and built a business and a life in France, creating and exporting hand printed fabrics?

Or the young hotel employee named Bogart? ‘People call me Humphrey.’

There was the older gent who arrived on his motorbike to dance the night away at Indus restaurant.

The yoga teachers working in Ubud from the Bronx via London. Another from Seattle. Another from my home town.

Oh and the young mum at Salsa. She had her baby in Vietnam and is now living in Bali with her Geography teacher hubby. What an interesting life she’s had so far, that little girl.

Then there’s this story. One of my Paris Lovers asked me to write a love note for her. Believing I was Paris based, she asked me to send it from there. The best I could manage was Bali.

So many people. So many stories.

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