Who are we to judge?

Ironically, the person who stuck this here has 115K followers on insta.

It is stuck on the wall right where anyone going into the main yoga place will see. I love the classes there but there are a lot of people before each class taking photos etc. it’s a gorgeous place though so why not.

One of their other insta posts reads

life pivots on moments

indeed it does.

Sitting by the roadside with a cold drink.

We hire a motor scooter in Bali. It can be scary. But it’s the only way to do Bali.

And all day I’m thinking which moment is the pivot? Is it this beautiful moment?

Tirta Empul. Go early to avoid the crowds but you still have to exit through the gift shop

Or is the shit going to hit the fan at some stage today? We’re riding a motor scooter. In Bali. What could go wrong?

I’ve had those moments, many of us have. Those unspeakable moments of bad news and sad endings.

Why is it that we are always watching for them but when they come we are no more prepared?

We need to start asking what could go right! (Seriously, I know I go on about it, but the journaling really helps cut down on the head fuckery. Don’t take my word for it, try it for a month. 😉)

Why can’t we live in joy and love and then if the time comes for a moment of sadness or loss, then we are so full of love that we simply experience the loss fully and then return to our joy?

Good in theory? Can life be lived this way? I hope so.

The view from our tea pit stop today

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