This morning’s musings

Being an animal lover is challenging in Bali. This little cat managed to get me to part with one of my sushi rolls but then she just glared at me and left it lying on the ground. She has the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen on a cat.

A family of Monkeys took over the pool area at the resort today. It was hilarious/frightening/adorable. The manager came to scare them away but got a dose of his own medicine when the big daddy monkey challenged him. The manager sensibly beat a hasty retreat. I imagine if I was to post a video of the tactics local business owners use to move the monkeys on, there would be outrage (slingshots are a fave, but they load them with hard peas!) It’s challenging to coexist.

Monkeys scare the crap out of me. I have the utmost respect for their personal space.

There’s a little dog near our Salsa class who is suffering from skin conditions all over his body. He seems happy enough, confidently strutting around like he owns the road, but he must suffer with the condition. Apparently there are limits to what the animal welfare society can do if the animal doesn’t appear to be in immediate danger.

I took a qi gong class this morning. What a joy it was. The teacher was one of those rare people who loves what they do and every movement was done with such obvious passion. He smiled and laughed and imparted a huge amount of information.

This thought popped into my head during the class. If we are not our body, and we are not our thoughts, then why do we have bodies and thoughts? Surely these things are important!

I met a woman yesterday who said that she didn’t write or read much (on here spiritual journey) because it’s ‘all already out there, in our cells, in the Akashic Records.’ (This kind of convo happens when you hang around at the yoga barn!) I thought about this idea for a moment then asked ‘so why are we here, embodied here and now?’ She said she’d never looked at it that way. I said neither had I until this past year with an injury that saw me in pain daily. What’s the point of a body that gets sore? A mind that fails. What is the actual bloody point of all this?

Why are we here now? In this particular body, with this particular, peculiar mind? A coincidence? I don’t think so. Surely not? Just a trick of evolution?

There’s a quote often attributed to Einstein but probably not his words – There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle. Good words regardless of their source.

All of this must mean something, or none of it does. We’re either here for a reason or it’s all pointless.

It’s certainly better to live as though we’re here for a reason. The opposite is sad and eschewing an important part of the story, the embodiment we’re experiencing right now, is wasting time. Our body and mind are part of the vehicle we have so we might as well use them.

After another massage and scrub…


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