packing it in

We’re off on vacation tomorrow. Hubby and I are going to enjoy 8 nights in Bali. 8 nights of yoga, salsa dancing and cocktails, and 8 days of sitting by the pool reading books!

I might even do a little writing…

This past 6 months, hubby and I have rediscovered self-care. We treated some friends to our usual Sunday last week; breakfast, swim, coffee, swim, massage…swim…nap, reading…dinner… We’ve got it down to a fine art.

Not everyone knows how to take care of themselves. We have watched someone we care about abuse themselves to the point of breakdown. It’s hard to watch but after doing everything within our power, we just have to realise that we can’t save people, they must want to save themselves.

Imagine a man punching himself in the face and then wondering where the bruises came from. He doesn’t want us to hold up a mirror, to see that he’s doing it all to himself.

I am sure there have been many times that friends or family thought they knew what was best for me (marry the boy from church, they said…lol).

We all walk our own path and what will be, will be. At the end it’s ourselves we have to face in the mirror.

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