Oh, the awful realisation that fear still drives many of my decisions and clouds many of my dreams.

I leave myself four hours to get to the airport. Is that a wise or fearful decision?

Gets me thinking, as always.

Fear drives society. Do we measure up? Don’t quit your day job, they’re hard to find. Then I hear the chorus say, especially loud at the back where things are darkest ‘it’s so duuuuullllll and it’s sucking the life out of me.’

Society hollers back You want to be a what? an artist?!? Try it Cinderella style and if you make it, then quit your job… if you don’t then you never had what it takes.’


#1 conundrum- if we never give it everything we may never know what we might create…

But then there’s fear of being that starving artist. Hey maybe they were right about me being a talentless hack all along? Oh and then there’s homelessness. Fear of loss of status. But then social media helps us with keeping up appearances, doesn’t it? Fear of renting when the acceptable state is that of homeowner. Preferably multiple homes. Homes that were once rented to families are now on Airbnb.

Society has a lot to answer for.

Why didn’t we build this thing better? We almost made it the worst it could possibly be. It’s a mess. Can we start again? Can we reach out and #findtheothers and roll up our sleeves and fix this shit?

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