Simply entertaining

It’s damn hot. I’m over the hot weather. I’d like some rain, please. I’m looking forward to the quiet couple of months before the next holiday season.

I’m sure, given our time again, we could have come up with something sexier, cooler (as in its damn hot in that factory), and waaaaaay more creative than a linen hire service. (Actually we did but this one stuck around, while the others went by the wayside.)

I’m not complaining but… no wait, I am.

No, I’m being dramatic coz I need a holiday. It’s a decent, honest living that gives jobs to people and provides a great service to our tourism industry.

So tonight, after doing End of Month, and shouting at people to shut the door every time they walk into the office in a bizarro Cheers tribute, I came home, made some dinner and watched Netflix. Yup. Netflix and chill, minus the sexual connotations.

Hubby went to squash.

Not me. Sometimes you just have to vegetate.

I watched the movie Brooklyn. It’s gorgeous. Anyone under the age of 25 would possibly say it’s boring. To be fair, in an age of superheroes and explosions, this is a movie in which nothing much happens…but that’s okay. It’s a lovely, simply entertaining movie.

Of course, I’m always watching movies with an eye to their story craft and this was a simple storyline. To be honest, I kept waiting for something more to happen and when the climax came, well, I won’t spoil it for ya. No unwanted pregnancies to spice up the plot; just a nasty old Mrs Jessop type to remind our heroine of where her future lies.

Then I watched a Joe Rogan special and laughed at inappropriate jokes about dicks and cats. Not in the same joke. Don’t be weird.