Karma Coma

Christmas is done and dusted and most of us survived. It’s the busiest time of the year for our business and while everyone else is swanning around on the beach or traveling, we are up to our ears in dirty linen. Noice.

So you can imagine my sickly grin yesterday I got an email from our accountant. After the normal pleasantries, she said ‘I hope you had a relaxing holiday’. Seriously, what the fuck? We’ve basically had one day off; Christmas Day.

Her kind message really got up my nose. How dare she!

A little while later, I came across this wonderful teaching. When you’re in the middle of something challenging/shitty/stressful/boring ask yourself this question…

Am I burning karma or making it?

This stopped me in my tracks. Here I am deep, deep into this self-reflection (or self-obsession?) and I had never asked myself if I’m burning off karma. aarrggghh

I mean it’s super easy to stay all zenned-out when you don’t have any challenges (as I usually do not) but another thing altogether when I’m at work, in the heat of things (quite literally, it’s bloody hot in a commercial laundry, even when you’re just bossing other people around! Or dealing with family stuff. Or slow traffic. Or people who stand in the middle of the aisle at the markets. I’ve found my patience wearing thin lately, the heat can do that, people blocking the aisle can do that. Take a deep breath, Christine!

As work has become busier I’ve had to choose between meditation and journaling most mornings, my clean diet post-cleanse has almost gone out the window (it’s too damn hot to eat Dahl and porridge at the moment, anyway! I’m amazed (every time – slow learner) at how my calm leaches slowly away if I neglect my practice.

Mindfulness is the first step. If i’m being a cranky cow, surely the fact that I am aware of it is a start…


      1. Kalliope

        I’m going with legally blonde because I don’t know the other one! Haha. Legally blonde was my feel good movie when I was super depressed. I had it playing on repeat all the time (this was like circa 2002-2004)

      2. Kalliope

        I’ll keep it in mind. I have actually not watched or read any media (other than WordPress or educational stuff) in move than a year… except music. I always like music. But it’s never background noise. I can’t stand background noise.

      3. Kalliope

        I haven’t done much on Insta because I have kind of lost track of my intentions. Build a train station or just keep chugging along? Because there aren’t any tracks in the direction I’m going lol

      4. Christine Betts

        Just chug then build then chug then build. The solid stuff will stick. The unnecessary will fall away. I found this last year. I built an Etsy store and it was good but it wasn’t solid. It’s gone. I started to charge for readings then stopped. It wasn’t solid. It felt bad for me to do that. I stopped painting. That felt right and still does. Writing about art felt right and only cane about from writing about whatever was in my head. Chug build chug.

      5. Kalliope

        Chug drink me chug it down. Lol I’m just trying to figure out how to tell my life story hahahaha omfg I dunno. My writing is a means to an end? I dunno? Because… I want to write helpful things, useful things, and not be a pauper. LOL

      6. Christine Betts

        I wrote a memoir (it was un-publishable) but it was defs a means to an end – catharsis! Now I’m trying to do that too; write helpful things, useful things, and not be a pauper! xx

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