Stuck in the middle…

Some thoughts for this long Monday.

Work should be optional. Play compulsory.

I am too straight for the weirdos and too weird for everyone else. Always have been.

Dairy Chocolate could be considered 2 food groups but vegan chocolate, just 1.

I don’t read high-brow literary fiction unless I really must. I’m not sure I could describe a scenario in which I would be impelled to read high-brow literary fiction.

As a teenager I was passionately interested in the arts, politics and the economy. As I approach 50, I find I am more interested each day, in listening to music, having picnics, travel, and writing in my journal. I’m a regular Benjamin Button without the creepy reverse aging.

Quote for the Day – Figure out who you are then do it on purpose ~ Dumplin‘ on Netflix.

I’m reading ~

I’m on page 127 (currently set in Paris). I’m a little confused. I must have missed the part where Matt started going out with Pippa, because last I knew he was with Katrina, who seemed an important character but now I’m not so sure.

After reading so many stories with clear and obvious plotlines, themes and characters I’m finding this a pleasurable challenge. I will admit that I’m also confused about what the point of the whole thing is at this early stage. It will reveal itself to me. I hope. I’m not stupid but as I said, I don’t read high-brow, award winning stuff as a rule.

This is probably my ignorance speaking but it seems to be an ambitious novel and I can only describe it at this stage as ‘woke‘- lots of post-modern #lifegoals and vegetarians. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, necessarily. It’s just a thing.

It is unusual to see such things in print for those of us who read the best-sellers, historical fiction or older works. I’m all for it- for characters who are vegan, accept refugees and don’t go to the races. A sign of things to come? Perhaps today’s virtue signalling is tomorrow’s quotidian existence.

I love this line on page 52 where Cassie – another character…so many characters – is talking about her immigrant grandmother, who survived a Nazi work camp, on coming to Australia.

Cassie remembered something her Viennese Grandmother used to say: ‘The worst thing is, we are required to be grateful.’

If you’re so inclined, read the book. Especially if you’re not Australian. I’d love to hear what others think of the book.

And I’m feeling more confident about my ‘woke’ Characters in The Circle of Ashes

Thanks for reading my rambling. I spent 12 hours in our factory today and then had to come home and do my own laundry. Gah.


  1. Kalliope

    Oh I’m telling you. Always stuck in the middle. LOL and that’s my path. I’m the middle of the road. Any road or path. Because I am a road way to wherever people wanna go

    1. Christine Betts

      I’m more the road less traveled. The dirt road. The one people avoid for fear of flat tyres and crazed hitchhikers. 🙃 I wonder when I’ll ever believe I’m worthy of like.

  2. Christine Betts

    And finally on page 187 I see that Matt and Kat did break up. I didn’t skim over the sentence earlier. Feeling relieved. I struggle with the non-linear. Even my stories about time travel are linear. I am one-dimensional in many ways.

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