What I have learned this year #3 – #last90days

Back in late August, fresh (or not so fresh) from our latest move, I found a hashtag on Instagram that really caught my eye. #Last90days so jumped out at me that I decided to get a running start and begin in September! When I twigged a few days into it that I was a month ahead of everyone else, I continued on with my goals but gave myself a few extra weeks to get the house in order.

The idea, one which was started I believe by Rachel Hollis, is to set some goals to avoid the slide into the end of the year. It has some basic daily actions, called the Five to Thrive you can take and even just doing those, or even just one of them can be an improvement for most people.

Google Rachel Hollis.

When October 1 rolled around I hit the ground running for real for #last90days. It’s easier for me than most of the other participants because being US based, most of them were heading into cold weather. I couldn’t find anyone on the Facebook groups based in Australia. My days were getting longer and warmer so getting up an hour earlier was a piece of cake! Not having the extra bit of cake was also a piece of cake knowing that a salad would cool me down and help me fit in my bikini!

#notesfromjoana is gorgeous

We started eating less and cleaner, getting up early and heading to the beach on our bikes and following an exercise regime hubby cobbled together from Youtube videos (p.s. I’m starting Yoga with Adriene’s new program on Tuesday – it’s called Dedicate. Check it out. Join me.)

When we weighed ourselves last week we had both lost 4-5 kilos and the other goals we had set for our business have all been achieved, even the ones we weren’t sure were actually EVER going to come off! We were riding to the beach last week and Michael said the best thing. He said it was great to be going into the new year ahead of the curve. We’ve already started the new eating plan. Already lost the weight with the new exercise regime. How wonderful. We can chill for a bit and set some new goals!

Let’s hear it for the #first90days of 2019! I’m ready for a New Years REVOLUTION!

On Boxing Day (26th December) Hubby and I have been married for 21 years. It doesn’t seem possible but there it is! I feel as though we met yesterday but have been together forever! I think the reason we are still together and growing together is that we are open to change. Me, very much so, him begrudgingly – but when he’s on board, he’s 100% on board!

I found this quote recently and it is a slow-burner.

If you’re not capable of being changed by your partner you’re not really committed.

I believe this is a Peter Rollins quote…

This goes for any relationship. How often are we in conversation with someone and we’re both just trying to get our point across. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, as a species, we need to upgrade our conversation skills – before it’s too late!

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