What I have learned this year #19

Self Discipline is the ultimate act of self love ~ Terry Crewes.

Terry Crewes – actor, artist, designer, god…

I have always been pretty driven but this year I found that the more time I had, the less disciplined I became. It’s the old adage – if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it! I was the opposite of busy and while I was kicking some professional goals, I found I was struggling to eat the right foods and get enough exercise, especially with the lower back injury I’ve had.

When I heard TC say that discipline is the ultimate act of self-love a little light bulb lit up in my head. Eating good, nutritious foods, getting enough sleep and exercise is taking care of ourselves. Obviously, I don’t mean starving ourselves or working out for hours on end, because that isn’t discipline, it’s an addiction.

TC is a hero of mine. Loved him in Brooklyn 99! Listen to his interview with Oprah and you’ll understand why. (You will have to google it, or search in your podcast app.)

The last half of this year has seen me getting up at or before 6am, eating clean and limiting my alcohol intake. I’ve written each day, I work out and/or walk each day and I am part way through a Panchakarma detox. Some people think it sounds boring, but the best part about self-discipline is the reward you get knowing you are living your best life.

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  1. Janet Mary Cobb

    I think self-discipline gets a bad rap. Maybe if we can shift to realize how much better we feel when we take care of ourselves we will remember that “self-love is the greatest act of self-love.” Let’s do what actually makes us enjoy life!

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