What I have learned this year #21

Que sera, sera ~ Doris Day.

Nope, Doris. What will be will not necessarily be.

Just as our triumphant return from the hero’s journey or even our return home from work is not guaranteed, hopes and affirmations won’t get shit done.

At the risk of becoming a member of the Church of Jim Carrey here’s another pearler from him.

Faith, maybe, a plan and daily work. You have to show up, roll up your sleeves and get it done.

I probably knew this before this year. My motto when I was making art for designers was ‘Inspiration is for amateurs, the professionals just turn up and start working’. I didn’t invent that any more than I’ve invented my pithy phrase above, (Pithy is a fun word to say. Sounds like a drunk person with a lisp…) but I did embody it. 

This year I’ve smashed out nearly 200 posts on this blog and a bunch more over at Medium, two first drafts, a novella of questionable quality and hundreds of pages of word vomit in my journals. I did that.

I feel so proud of that! 

I feel different because of this, I am different. Making paintings NEVER made me feel good about myself; I just felt more inadequate by the day.

I’m unpacking that, slowly.


quoting myself. It's finally happened...
quoting myself. It’s finally happened…


    1. Christine Betts

      From an old movie where they’re in the South of France or something. It’s a weird movie. My mum used to sing it all the time. It’s quite melancholy really. I hear it in my head like music from an abandoned fun fair right before the zombies attack.

      1. Kalliope

        I am filled with quips and lines and tunes. From random places. I like it. but it’s hard to “attribute” original whatevers, they’re from everywhere lol. I can’t always remember

      2. Christine Betts

        See I have this annoying pedantic streak. A gift from my father. I see things misattributed all the time and it pings that streak into a rage. I blame the internet of course. 😜

      3. Kalliope

        It’s how creativity is created! We gotta eat and we also gotta poop! So all my misappropriated and misattributed malapropisms are just little verbal poop pellets, real hard core shit talking. 🙂

  1. Kalliope

    Haha sorry now I’ve finished reading your post. I’m sorry i react too immediately..
    That is friggen awesome how much you’ve written!! High five bitch!!! Yeah!
    And when you face your enemies, put your hand up the same way, catch their arm and shove them back down. Like a cool and cute waving cat paw that’s… Buddhist or something… I feel so shit I’m so ignorant. But you know the thingy I’m talking about? An eastern religious spiritual waving cat thingy lol

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