when you’re tagged in a thing

You have to play, right?

My blogging buddy Kalliope was nommed for an award so here’s my hat-tip to her. Congrats chick.

And now I do the thing…

  1. Answer 8 questions that the blogger gave you
  2. Give 8 random thoughts about yourself
  3. Nominate 8 other bloggers and notify them of their nomination
  4. Ask your nominees 8 questions.

The 8 Pointless questions… 

  1. Would you rather be loved for your mind, your heart, or your body? Currently keen to be loved for my mind. This is the drive behind constant, bordering on maniacal learning of new shit.
  2. Your life is suddenly accompanied by a strong and persistent musical soundtrack. Does the show belong on Broadway, a Disney film, a rock opera or a hotel lobby? Broadway, defs. Jazz hands at the ready.
  3. Identify the opening theme song and imagery montage that heralds your appearance. My ‘I Am’ song should come later in the piece. The opening scene involves me trying out various personas in Paris. Funny Face-mode Audrey Hepburn, Collette, Simone de Beauvoir. Music by Hans Zimmer.
  4. Which body of blood is more ominous: a river, a puddle, a slow ooze, or a persistent percussive drip? Drip all the way.
  5. How did you get that scar? I tripped on a log at school. What? Oh, that one? C-Section.
  6. When (and why) was the last time you cried? Sunday night. So bad a coming home.
  7. You’re suddenly in high school again. What is the single most important thing you would change or do differently if you could? Say no to the boy. Just no. Even though he’s cute. Sooo cute.
  8. Prepare your ultimate funeral. Setting, music, eulogies, your body, etc. There’s a file, saved to my desktop. God knows that my funeral would be like if my husband planned it. Lucky I’d be dead!
not mine, just here for a friend…

mmmm, I need to nominate people… oh god…

Loved this one from Meg Dowell. 

This great post full of timely information from Janet Mary Cobb.

This one from Christine Seery spoke to my soul…

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This quirk-filled blog from Ann Koplow. 

Pretty much everything on A Writer’s Path

Okay, that’s me…This procrastination has been brought to you by Networking and Reading 400 blogs. I really should be editing…

I didn’t make it to 8…and here are some Qs for you to A should you be keen

1. When did you know you wanted to be a writer? 2. What’s your dream writer’s retreat location? 3. If you could meet just one famous person and have a meal with them, what would you eat? 4. Most recent vacation? 5. Do you think your home town informs your writing/art? 5. How long have you been blogging? 6. What do you want to be when you grow up? 7. Fave movie? 8. If you were a painter, what would you name your Retrospective?

Peace out.


  1. Janet Mary Cobb

    Christine – thanks for the nomm. I’m a bit unfamiliar with this type of ‘game’ but I’m keen to play. Not sure I’ll do it right. But I’ll give it a go. Do I post my answers on my own blog? Or here in the comments?

  2. Janet Mary Cobb

    And just as I would otherwise be working on writing my Nonprofit book — I’ve finally caught up on my ‘still to do’ list. Since I’ve already posted two blogs within the last 24 hours, I’m going to leave this list here for now – perhaps it will become a full post later:
    1. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
    My earliest memory of wanting to be a writer was at the age of 12.

    2. What’s your dream writer’s retreat location?
    I’ve got my eye on a writer’s retreat in the Lake Tahoe area – but anywhere near water – the ocean, a large lake, babbling brook.

    3. If you could meet just one famous person and have a meal with them, what would you eat?
    Love this question – what would I eat! If we were dining out, probably salmon.

    4. Most recent vacation? A real, total travel vacation?
    In about 2003, when we traveled as a family from the SF Bay Area to San Diego. If done pseudo-vacations back and forth from Chicago to California since then.

    5. Do you think your hometown informs your writing/art?
    Only in so far as it has shaped me.

    5. How long have you been blogging?
    Consistently, since April 2018 when I dove into the AtoZ Challenge.

    6. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    If I only knew. This has changed over the years, I’d to some extent I’ve lived pieces of each dream – Underlying my childhood I wanted to be ‘a good wife and mother’ so I pursued domestic skills – cooking, sewing, cleaning, embroidery, etc; 2nd grade: to be a Sister (nun); 3rd – 6th grade: to own my own bakery, or food truck; 7th-9th grade: to be a teacher; high school: to be a counselor; in the convent years: to be a saint; after convent years – to be a good mother (I’d lost the fantasy of the traditional ‘good wife’); since my career in education imploded – I’ve created a life I love as ‘strategy and fundraising coach’ to small nonprofits. My next step (hopefully in the next 3-5 years): to be a full-time writer.

    7. Fave movie?
    I enjoy It’s a Wonderful Life every December 31 – but I am not certain I’d call it my favorite. Also, have a soft spot for Sound of Music.

    8. If you were a painter, what would you name your Retrospective? Since I have no idea what a “retrospective” is, I don’t know. But from the dictionary definition – that it is a look back on work over time, I’d probably call mine – No Regrets.

    Thanks for a fun exercise!

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