Publishing = #lifegoals

I sat with my buddy Emma yesterday, working on our goals and getting focused. I’m so happy to have found a number of people this year who share a passion for creativity and are working towards their goals, like me. Emma and I are using the Law of Attraction, and working on keeping each other accountable and focused on our heart’s desires.

I’ve struggled in the past to find people as driven as I am, even to the point of being called ‘intense’ or ‘over-powering’ at times. I’ve always wanted to achieve a lot in life and I’m fed up with having to play small.

No more playing small! It serves no one!img_4942

Emma encouraged me to remember that attracting a publishing deal and getting representation for my work is important to me.

Of course, these days it is well known that Independent Publishing simply has to be the starting point if a writer wants to be picked up by a Traditional publishing house. Even if you score a great deal, writers must understand everything about the publishing industry or have a great agent who does. Of course, I’ll continue to self-publish and self-promote, developing my voice while building the all-important ‘platform’. While those who have been in the industry for years say that a brilliant novel by a debut author will always get picked up regardless of the number of followers someone has on Instagram, the fact is agents want to know what kind of marketing prowess you can bring to the table.

I know of writers who refuse to learn about marketing or indie publishing, preferring to pursue the traditional deal, sometimes for years. I can’t do that – not enough action! And there’s the fact that writers with years of experience now choose to publish their own work, including the legendary Robert McKee! But who says I can’t do both should the opportunity arise?

The real ‘trick’ here is to write some good stuff.

I posted a couple of days ago about #last90days without realising that it’s actually the #last120days of the year. What a dork! Maybe I won’t count December because it’s going to be too hot, or maybe I’ll ignore November because I’m doing NaNoWriMo! Whatever works!

Maths was never my strong point!


I have finally discovered the incredible Robert McKee, the legendary writing teacher.


  1. Sherry Lee

    I love that you are no longer playing small! I am fairly new to Law of Attraction, but it is definitely something I have witnessed my hubby do successfully for years without studying it. Good things just come to him! I now understand why. I will definitely be making note of the McKee quote, “The unlived life is not worth examining.” I may even laminate it and put it on my wall! Great post!

    1. Christine Betts

      Thanks Sherry! And I’ve discovered that the quote is attributed to many brilliant people! But whoever wrote it, it’s awesome. I so want to do a course with McKee. LA March 19 I hope!

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