Getting cosy with selling yourself

I released a novella a few days ago. A couple of people bought it. I have become so blasé about the whole process. I’m really just trying to get the writing done each day, getting the runs on the board so to speak and learning about marketing my work as I go.

(I like the novella; it’s set in Paris again and is in the Sweet Romance genre. Not sure what that is? Think of the opposite of 50 Shades and you’re close!)

I was as deluded as most new writers when I clicked publish on my first novel on Amazon. Who knew the real work starts after the actual writing is done?

I found it a little confronting at first, but after years of selling artwork, my own and others’, I have quickly realised that we have to flip the marketing switch to ON. Truth is if we don’t actively sell our books, no-one is going to know they exist.

We writers have to get comfortable with marketing our work because even if we do attract that magical contract with a publisher, the onus for marketing is still on us. A lot of newbie writers don’t realise this is the case.

Luckily there are many writers who have blazed the trail before us and are now creating new streams of income for themselves by helping others with all manner of self-publishing information and services.

Here are a few that I have found really helpful.

The Book Designer. Lots of resources and information for marketing, but also tips on writing.

Joanna Penn. I love her podcast and her laugh! She is smashing it as a writer of thrillers, sweet romances (with her mum…awww) and non-fiction on the craft of writing, staying healthy as a writer and getting your work out there. Yes, that is her real last name…

The Beautiful Writers. I am new to these peeps and their gorgeous site and podcast, but I am planning to join their group. I need accountability and I can join their amazing community and access to all of the amazing content, groups and podcast extras.

Fab Freelance Writing has a really great blog with loads of information. It’s a bit of fun too!

I love the Facebook group Write, Publish, Sell too. It’s a small group but has active hosts who are best-selling authors in their own right.

Goodreads gets a bad rap sometimes but I am finding if I keep my wits about me, it can be really useful. The librarians are super-helpful for authors too. I have heard talk to the contrary, but I always find that you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar…

You can also google Self-Publishing podcast and you’ll have more information than you can poke a stick at.

What else am I thinking about?

Tony Robbins talks about the Six Human Needs. I know a lot of people can find fault in someone like Robbins, but I am happy to take him on face value and the value of the message he delivers. The six needs or drives are Security, Novelty, Connection/Love, Significance and Growth and Contribution. The first four are the lower level that most people work from, while the last two are what we can all strive for. I’m a big lover of security, but also keen on novelty and connection.

Meanwhile, Growth has been a huge driver for me over the past year or so, but a lot of that growth mindset has been motivated by a need for both novelty and connection, with a little bit of significance thrown in. We’re a complex species, aren’t we?

Quote of the day

Much of what I blog about could be classed as BS (baseless speculation) but I’m putting it out there because if I can help someone else it’s worth it.