What’s in your BAG?

Have you ever googled yourself? IN order to sort out my all-important online presence, and yes I feel like a tosser writing that… Anyway, I have been doing the rounds of all the places I have blogged or posted my art on the web (and doing a little housekeeping.) Oh, I have found some gems!

Here’s another little cracker from 2009. I’m not sure what I was smoking but it must have been good!

From my Blogger in 2009 – warts and all…sheesh…

I have been inspired to write this by a young man Tom Douce who commented on my work and invited me to look at his work. ‘B.A.G’ stands for Blessings, Accomplishments, and Goals, and it is a way of practicing gratitude in daily life…so simple and so effective…it manages to focus us on what is important to us and be grateful for it and to work towards the things that make our hearts sing:) so here’s mine…I want to read lots more….so BAG yourself today:)

Blessings – Mike, Cal, zo-zo, my home, melly, J, neens, family, friends, Australia, the beach, camera, chocolate, grass, water, paint, time, health…

Achievements/Accomplishments – happy marriage for 11 years and counting…, child (against all odds!!) B.A., own business (10 years!), sold paintings and photos, been to Paris 4 times….

Goals – continue happy marriage/happy child gigs, make my living from creativity (again…I did it before, I can do it again!) and go to Paris again for my 40th!!

Flash forward to 2018, and the gratitude practice is going strong. I can’t help but look back on these posts and wish that I could go back, like the characters in my novel Hotel Deja Vu and do it all again.

But all I really wish I could do is go back and whisper in my own ear “You are Loved”. That’s all I ever needed to know.

That’s all any of us need to know.

Ps 2009 Goals smashed!


I’m in Echuca, Victoria, today. Here’s some photos. Mwah 💋