Friday on my mind…

Facebook asks me what’s on my mind. I think that’s the source of its insane popularity; when was the last time a friend asked you what was on your mind? And if they did ask, what would you tell them? Do you know what’s going on up there?

I just had a great chat with my Aunt. She’s struggling to come to terms with a mild stroke that has left her fearful of being alone and struggling with numbers and time. The specialist is going to do some tests to see where she is deficient and she is looking forward to that appointment, hoping it will reduce her anxiety.

A new friend has started writing her book, her life story. She is nervous about what her friends and family will say when she reveals her experiences with the spirit world. At the core of that fear, I believe, is the fear that it’s all in her head. How do we know what’s real?

An old friend is, like so many people, exhausted today, after weeks of constant stress. Work has been relentless, kids have had their usual needs, and her hubby has been stressed. She has taken a few blissful hours for herself today, to reconnect, to find some balance.

I’m checking out for the weekend to spend time on my writing. Artists and even regular humans (haha) need to take time away to touch base inside, ask ourselves what’s on our minds. Writing is a great way to tap into our minds and follow the question until some answers reveal themselves. If we never stop and ask the question, how can we be expected to know what’s going on in our heads, and how can we live a healthy, happy life if we never ask the question?

So, what’s on your mind?