going with the flow

I know it’s not just me, life is a whirlwind right now. The word for 2023 was supposed to be flow and until I went to Adelaide, nothing seemed to flow at all. Now it feels like a raging current and August feels like a distant memory.

Four weeks after Adelaide, I’m not sure I’ve decompressed. The Fiona McIntosh Masterclass National Conference was incredible. I met a lot of new people (and challenged myself to remember them the next day.) I caught up with my Gold Coast Masterclass peeps from the July ’22 and members of my beloved Brisbane Alumni. I loved everything about it and came home inspired, tired and wired.

Since then I’ve been doing stuff around the house and garden, trying to get ready for Bali in a couple of weeks.


I’m at my desk now, trying to convince myself to continue writing the novel I’ve pitched to multiple publishers. Each showed signs of interest and couple said they would read it when it was done. Did I pitch my crime novel? The one I’ve been working on for over a year?

Not really.

Was this self-sabotage or the realisation that I don’t want to write crime?

I don’t especially want to write crime but I already have 100k words written and I’d really like to do something with it. Nothing is wasted I repeat under my breath. Nothing is wasted.

I’m scattered. I’ve done a lot since I got home but I’m thinking long and hard about what it is I actually want to spend my time doing. I keep saying ‘All I want to do it travel and write books’ but I also want to connect with other creatives and very specifically, sit around a long table with good people, good food and flowing, creative conversation.

I’m working on a teaching prospect. I pitched collab ideas to a some professional contacts and one said yes (so far…) so I’m working on a non-fiction project. I’ve got speaking events in the works and another library interview. I’m writing short stories. I’ve started a critique group for my writers association. I’m writing lists and marking things off.

I’m getting shit done.

I’m following my curiosity and hoping that nothing truly is wasted because the goddess knows, I have no idea what I’m doing.

I won the 2023 GCWA Andrew McDermott Annual Achievement Award

I love these questions from James Clear:

Two questions at the center of improvement: How quickly can I get started? How quickly can I learn from my mistakes i.e. recover to start over again?

A question from Julia Cameron:

What do I really want to write?

A question from Cathy Heller:

What am I manifesting right now?