Timely reminder?

About 18 months ago I dropped my phone and smashed it. First time smasher. That day I learned that if you push on your smashed screen enough, it triggers a call to emergency services. FYI. I got the screen fixed but it’s never been the same since.

I believe there is a new phone coming out? I haven’t seen the advertising but I know it’s coming because my phone has started acting up. I’m not getting notifications which isn’t the end of the world, but I don’t want the people I love to think I’m ignoring them especially this past week when all kinds of family stuff has been happening. My mum had a hip replacement last Tuesday. (She’s doing well but her Fibro is playing up after the general anaesthetic, thank you for asking.)

My uncle died last week, too. He was a lovely man and he always made time to ask about my adoptive family, my work and what made me tick aka my writing. His passing triggered all kinds of fuckery that I want nothing to do with. (I do want to see everyone get what they deserve. Yes, you read that right…)

Everyone I know seems to be going through big stuff so from that sample demographic, I can safely assume that a good percentage of the population are dealing with some heavy feels right now. That’s life in the 20s I guess.

I’ve upped my meditation practice this week because I’ve accidentally been a jerk three or four times this week. (I’ve intentionally been a jerk twice.) (Sorry to the lady I didn’t let into the traffic, and the guy whose name I made into a cheesy pun. Yep that’s it. Not sorry to the rude chick packing the shelves in Coles and not at all sorry to the person who DM’d me and tried to get me to pay them money by pretending to be a musician I follow. Asshole!)

Seemingly out of the blue during yoga tonight, I had the thought, ‘everything is about to change.’

To be honest I’m just impressed that I didn’t panic.

It might be because I did my new moon intentions yesterday and from now on, I’m operating under the assumption that everything happens to/for/by me for my greater good.

Speaking of phones, I didn’t know until last week that some people (a) take note of how long it takes to get a text reply and (b) believe that length of time is a reflection of the responder’s feelings about the relationship.

I mean, how to admit you think the world revolves around you without telling us you think the world revolves around you!

I Googled ‘Meme about not answering texts’ and there were 90,400,000 results.

Really? Oops. I’m guilty of not replying at times and for me it means nothing more than ‘I opened your text/message and didn’t have time to respond there and then.’ That’s it.

Sometimes I’m trying to beat my high score for matching French words on Duolingo and accidentally opened the text. Just know you’ve probably stopped me from smashing my record (140 matches!!) Sometimes I read something and need headspace to respond. Then *insert life event here* and I forget. I thought everyone did this and realised it’s just life.

Now having said all this, I have a mentor who responds to emails so quickly it makes me wonder how she has time to write all the bestselling books she smashes out each year. Elves? A ghost writer chained in the basement? I don’t know, but either way, just remember, it’s not all about you, Becky!