healing the unexpected…

I am very excited about getting a long needle inserted into my shoulder joint on Friday. Can’t wait actually.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks to be honest. Until today I couldn’t bend my elbow enough to type and any movement in my shoulder caused waves of excruciating pain. I’m typing this and while I can feel it in the joint, it’s not painful. Turns out I did a real number on my shoulder but it’s what doctors refer to as 50-year old shoulder and it’s super common. And the treatment is said needle in the joint.

But not one to let the grass grow under my feet, I’ve embraced learning Indonesian while I couldn’t write. I downloaded Duolingo and yes it’s a bit of a laugh when you read some of the phrases but I’m getting really good at ordering nasi goreng and talking about my new red dress.

So far I’ve covered how I spend most of my time in Bali- makan (eating), minum (drinking) and Aku menulis buku, I write books!

I’ve also learned to ask for help over the past couple of weeks. My bloody ridiculous love language is Acts of Service but do you think I would ever ask anyone to do a damn thing for me? I thought if I had to ask then that diluted the love. The caring didn’t count if I had to ask for it.

But I am also very good at the old stiff upper lip. I can trust me. I never let me down.

Then I came across this the other day and it ripped my heart chakra wide open. I am allowed to ask for help and I am allowed to accept help.

Dr Lennox (the astrologer I follow) has declared this couple of weeks/months a perfect time to heal wounds and let go of old patterns but this can only happen if the old wound is triggered. Well this last couple of weeks has triggered the shit out of me. Not just my shoulder either. There’s been very poor behaviour by some people who should know better and an old bad penny turned up out of the blue… but you know what, with lots of meditation and a smidge of witchy stuff, I feel like we’re getting somewhere.

No it doesn’t feel nice. My shoulder hurts like a mutha and the bad penny scared the crapola out of me but touch wood, it all seems to be working out.

Talk to me after the needle on Friday…


  1. lilianaslopez17

    I hope your shoulder gets better. I am with you, I hate asking for help, but that tweet hit home.

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