Why/what/how do you create?

Christine Betts - WriterPainter

Create for creating sake not to achieve an objective ~ The Minimalists

Don’t you love it when successful writers/artists/performers/whatever tell you not to focus on creativity to earn an income? “Just follow your bliss and you’ll never work a day in your life?”

Yeah, that…

Even though that’s probably exactly what they have done, it feels counter-intuitive to us at the beginning of our career.

In his wonderful Masterclass, David Sedaris talks about how he got his ‘start’ as a performer and writer. Basically, he wrote something then performed it. Then he wrote something else and performed that. Then when he performed the next thing he was approached by an agent. Fast forward a few more write/perform combos and voila! He got a book deal!

Granted, Sedaris is a comic genius but something tells me this kind of career trajectory is just not possible anymore. Am I wrong? These…

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