a busy mind

On Sunday August 8, we’ll have some kind of magical new moon (you’ll need to follow someone like Dr Michael Lennox if you want more details than that!) I do know that new moons are a lovely time to ponder our intentions, to make a ‘wish list’ of our desired outcomes for the coming weeks and months.

We all know that our daily habits make us who we are so even if you don’t give a toss about Astrology, it can’t hurt to sit down every month and write out our goals and intentions.

I’ll be writing my intentions out and they will be mostly writing-related and somewhat mental-health related because we’re back in lockdown here in the Land Down Under.

We thought we were so clever.

This time it’s a kind of Claytons lockdown situation for us. (If you don’t know what a Clayton’s Lockdown is you’re probably not Australian although this advert doesn’t look very Australian! Claytons was an alcohol-free Drink-You-Have-When-You’re-Not-Having-A-Drink.)

I live in a kind of no-man’s land. We are stuck between hell breaking loose in Sydney, 1000km south, and about half a kilometre away, just over the border, they’re in a stricter than strict lockdown because there were cases 100km to the north. The politicisation of this whole situation has been harder to deal with than anything for us here where the pandemic has mostly skipped us over. Strange times.

Borders are a very strange concept. I moved here to be closer to my business and now I’m officially locked out of my home state and like so many people around the world, not permitted to visit my family and friends.

It could be worse. I keep telling myself this.

With this latest lockdown, I’ve had a very busy mind. Hubby and I are trying to keep our business operational and a roof over the heads of our 30+ staff. I know the control most of us felt over our destiny pre-2020 was an illusion but it was a fun illusion and we all enjoyed it very, very much.

So while I can’t go anywhere much, I’m trying to get as much writing time in as possible. Writing keeps me calm and thinking about the stories I’m writing is far more enjoyable than wondering when everything is going to calm down.

I’m entering a competition this month and really enjoyed writing the short story. I’ll be entering a few more over the coming months. Here are the first few paragraphs of my entry…

Jenn’s hand hovers over the key, ready to kill the engine. The garage door is rolling slowly skyward, and the kids are unclipping their seatbelts. The twins tumble out, dragging school bags and leaving behind a trail of after-school crumbs and socks. They’re settling in well at the new school. Kids are great like that. Adaptable. Jenn looked up at the bright winter afternoon. She couldn’t help it; she missed London.
‘Mum?’ Elly says. She’s at the open passenger-side window. ‘You coming?’
Jenn smiles, but she doesn’t lift her eyes from the car stereo.
‘Yes, love, I’m fine. I just…’
What does she want to do?
‘I just want to listen to this.’ She looks up at her daughter.
Elly rolls her eyes.
‘Oh mum, you’re such a cliche. A middle-aged woman who sits in the driveway to finish her true crime podcast. I expected more.’
‘Give the middle-aged thing a rest. I’m only forty.’ Jenn smiles.
Elly puts her earbuds back in.
‘Dream on,’ she says.
Jenn can’t help but laugh. Trust Elly to keep her honest.

I’m really happy with the finished product. I sent it out to numerous smart people I know including my dad who is probably the smartest person I know. He said he was intrigued and enjoyed the twist. This is high praise from my dad. I was one of those kids who grew up trying to explain why I get 98% on a test instead of 100%. Probably explains why I’m such a perfectionist!

The feature photo is from Byron Bay from a recent trip as is the one below. I have a bit of an obsession with grass at the moment.