We were driving along a busy road last week when we were aggressively overtaken by a psycho in a mini van. I’m not a doctor but that’s my diagnosis. There wasn’t even half a car length gap for her to drive through at the time but she was determined. The van was plastered with ‘mumlife’ and ‘baby on board’ stickers and I wondered if she was taking a deathly ill child to the hospital so I braked and let her in, although I did sound my horn. When she flipped me the bird I was less sure there was a medical emergency on board. She proceeded to tailgate the car in front of her so I was glad she was in front of me rather than behind.

Hubby said, “You know, I have a theory. I think people drive the way they live their life.”

I instantly felt he was speaking the truth, at least about me. If I may say so, I am a good driver. I know the rules and follow them but I’m not beyond pushing them when I need/want. I am impatient and intolerant/judgemental of those who don’t drive well, or are inconsistent. (Choose a lane, Dave!) I’m not a fan of those who ignore the rules and even less so of those who think the rules don’t apply to them. I am unimpressed by those who don’t make room for those around them and those who don’t allow time and space for errors. I don’t judge someone by the car they drive but I will judge them by the way they’re driving it.

This is the way I live my life to the letter. It’s crazy how accurate it is, but then as Martha Beck said, the way we do anything is the way we do everything. Everything I have written above describes the way I am out in the world when I’m not driving. I’ve been doing so much work on myself, hard, deep, shadow work, and then my gorgeous hubby comes out with something so simple but so powerful.

When he’s with me in the car I’m a better driver, just as life with him makes me a better version of myself in many ways. I slow down, I smile more, I listen to some questionable music. Here are some of the other things hubby’s theory about driving=life has taught me about life

Life is not a race, there’s no prize in ‘getting there first’ mainly because we’re all going somewhere different.

Like driving, it’s more difficult to do Life with a phone in your hand. It’s impossible to do well while staring at social media.

It’s nice to know where you’re going but sometimes getting lost can be fun.

It helps to focus on one thing at a time.

Kindness and courtesy go a long way and seem to come right back at you and if someone is being a twat, give them a wide berth.

How’s your driving?