Goal setting

2021 is around the corner. Like it or not, we’re accustomed to chunking our lives using the 24 hours in a day, the 7 days in a week, the months and the years, so why not use the first of January as a potential pivot point? After a very productive #Last90Days, I’ve set my goals for the new year. I’ve broken them down into 3 categories: Personal, Writing, and Publishing. I’m not going to share my goals here. I don’t believe it helps to achieve them.

There is an old adage that faith without works is dead; in other words, you can have powerful desires, but without the footwork needed, how can you make and build the world that will support them?


I phrase my goals as actions and get really specific. For example, instead of writing “build my audience,” I write “through daily writing and learning my craft, I will find my voice as a writer and attract my audience.” Then I break this down into smaller goals. I have tick-off-able items like “finish editing course,” and targets like “use Book Funnel promotions to build email list to 1000.” Writing a big goal down is useless without outlining the steps needed to achieve it and acting on those steps every day.

I’ve also just re-written my ‘Ideal Life’ into my new journal. I write this out every time I start a new one and it details what my life looks like in 2023. I first started doing this in 2018 and looked 5 years in the future, now that date (December 17, 2023) is so much closer but then so am I. The daily and disciplined action is moving me towards my ideal life and I can see real change and real momentum. What’s more, I am grateful for where I am. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to be grateful for what we have. Oh, and wash your hands.

Don’t let the 2020 shit show stop you from setting goals for the new year, just keep them to yourself, work on them daily, and be grateful for small steps and tiny leaps. Even the toughest years for most of us have their bright spots, something to be grateful for, even something to celebrate. You know, I managed to get through about 47 years of life before hearing the idiom “The days are long but the years are short.” Some people get very upset about this (some people will get upset about anything…) but it’s so true. We can struggle through the days and wake up and realise another year has past. I believe we’re here for more. We deserve more.