Some pretty dark stuff

I’ve been having really incredible transformative dreams. Last night I fell asleep during meditation but then woke up and wrote what came to me in the dream.

It’s pretty dark, but eventually it will be in my memoir.

I once killed a man. I didn’t do it with a gun or a knife. I didn’t push him off a cliff. He died alone and suddenly. It was an accident but everyone knew in their hearts it was my fault. Some of them even told me so. Many told each other.

I was young. I loved him. I was asleep at the time too but such is my power.

I wish I’d known I had that ability earlier. High school bullies and weird teachers would have quaked in their shoes. If I’d known I could kill a man just by loving him I would have loved the teacher who humiliated me in front of the class. I would have loved the girl who spat on me when I returned her wayward ball. I would have loved that creepy old man who went to my church. I didn’t realise my love was so powerfully bad. I’d been wasting my time on hate and fear and every one of those people was still walking around, but the man I loved was dead.

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