What are you training for?

Saw this on Pinterest yesterday and I spat my tea out. You will never find me in the gym nor will you ever find me without headphones if I am doing a task I can do automatically and probably a little mindlessly. If I have to clean the house without listening to a podcast I may kill someone by the end of the day. I do not want to clean for the sheer joy (wtf?) of cleaning. Are you kidding? I’m levelling up, I don’t have time to waste! This doesn’t include time with fam and friends, yoga, writing or meditation. This is my chosen path and I do these things mindfully and with joy.

I am big on the Why and often, to the never-ending frustration of my husband, ask why about pretty much everything in life. No surprises here, but I am a Questioner in Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies. Having said that, I really like to help others and while I’m a pretty easy going person and I will always try to find the simplest way of doing anything, I have little tolerance for what I call dicking about. I like to get stuff done and keep it done. I hate wasting time!

Once Questioners believe that a particular habit is worthwhile, they’ll stick to it—but only if they’re satisfied about the habit’s usefulness.

“Four Tendencies” framework by Gretchen Rubin

My husband loves to waste time. It’s one of his favourite past times. He likes to make a big mess when he cooks (I am a clean-as-you-go cook but I always have to clean up after him.) He likes to walk slowly. He always takes the scenic route. He helps me slow down which is important because I am often buzzing about like a fly but I’d like to think he’d still be in 1997 without me, although right now that probably sounds like a great option.

So being such a questioner, it’s interesting that I didn’t have a massive problem with the lock-down, I mean we all gotta do what we gotta do. My business may have ground to a complete halt, but on the plus side, it gives me more time at home, which is always a win. (I think…) In the past couple of years, I have been used to three or four hours of home-alone time every day but now I’m getting precious little, so I find myself needing headphones when I write. (I listen to atmospheric and orchestral stuff with no words. My current Work In Progress has it’s own playlists on Spotify.) I’m not getting anywhere near enough alone-time (and we all know ‘my alone time is for everyone’s safety,’) So I’ve told the boys when the headphones are in, I am working, so please don’t talk to me. Unless the house is on fire.