The business side of the business.

What can you do today towards building the business side of your creative enterprise? Eric Maisel PhD, author of 50 books and creativity coach, urges his clients to do three things every day to build the business side of their creative practice.

An artist (writer, chef, whatever…you know who you are) must prove the exception if they want to make it. Oops, I am going to write these three words…I’m sorry but read that again.

You must be and do all the things the others aren’t prepared to do if you want to achieve your goals.

Dr Maisel directs his clients to do three things every day in service of their business. It can be a simple as updating a web-page and as frightening as finally pressing send on that book proposal/query letter.

Here’s a list of ideas and yes, on top of this you need to spend time making your stuff.

  • update your website. Google rewards new and quality content. Here’s an article about optimising searches and it uses a lot of words I don’t understand. I will be reading it again and again until it sinks in.
  • Define and refine your goals. Write a business plan.
  • Start a blog or vlog.
  • Update/create your social media platforms.
  • Write and pitch a guest post for another blog.
  • Contact a gallery/bookshop.
  • Make direct contact with fans and previous buyers.
  • Find and listen to a great podcast in your genre or listen to the amazing ‘Don’t keep your day job’ with Cathy Heller.
  • Join a Mastermind or relevant group on social media.
  • Update your email list.
  • Work on a course or webinar to improve your skills – or create a webinar or course based on your current skills.
  • research art or book festivals in your region.
  • Organise an open day, book signing or busking session.
  • Organise business cards and other branding.
  • Create a slideshow of your work for social media.
  • Research competitions to enter. Send your entry.
  • Do a course. The internet is full of free and cheap courses – but be aware of the quality of the learning.
  • Add a Shop Now button to your Facebook.
  • Create an ad campaign.
  • Make a list of your expenses and create a budget.
  • Create/Edit an author/artist bio.

So many options there. The best thing we can do to build our creative career is to make really great work and the best way to make really great work is to make a lot of work. And the best way to make a lot of work is to have a growth mindset. Making a lot of work will result in a lot of mediocre work, for sure, but if you’re doing courses, getting feedback, honing your skills, you will see an upward curve in not only the quantity but also the quality of your work.

I heard a great phrase this morning while listening to the Financial Autonomy Podcast. Ronan Leonard introduced a term Return on Intellect which basically means turning your experience/s into profit. This is an area I personally haven’t tapped into yet. Along with a memoir that I think some people would find interesting, I would like to write a business book with my husband. I just need to get over my fear of ‘being seen’ before I can think about promoting something like that…